Montclair private event

Montclair Vintage Photo Booth

Montclair Vintage Photo Booth

Montclair vintage photo boothMontclair Vintage Photo Booth for This private event was hosted for parents of students enrolled in Kindergarten at MKA with Montclair Photo Booth. Parents mingled and got to know each other. All of the guests absolutely loved the custom wrapped Montclair Photo Booth. Wrapped with the logo and the year the students would graduate high school was a clever and fun touch. By the end of the night all of the parents had their photo taken in the booth and kept going back for more! The Montclair photo booth provided great entertainment as well as a conversation starter! The Montclair photo booth allowed the children as well as the adults to come together and join in an activity for everyone. Many students who never even met had a memory with their new classmate. This was a great icebreaker and aloud the students to bond over funny pictures.

Custom Scrapbook 

The cool thing about this is some of these children will eventually meet their best friends in this class and go off to high school with them. How amazing is it that they will have a documented photo of them in the scrapbook when they first met? Occasions such as first time meetings or meet and greets are great for a photo booth. It allows everyone to come together and to act like themselves while taking a photo.

Photo booth props

 You can add funny props to make the event less intimidating! Adding a attendant helps ease the process. Vintage Photo Booth also added a custom scrapbook to this event. The students all signed and added their photos from that day. They wrote what they wanted to accomplish between now and high school as well as the friends they had met that day. The school is going to give it to the high school to be opened when they graduate! Good Luck Class of 2028!

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