Johnson Digital Photo Booth

Johnson Photo Booth!

A Beautiful Red Booth!

The Johnson and Johnson digital photo booth was a hit! We provided a very beautiful custom wrapped booth for Johnson & Johnson. This was for their campaign “Picture a Better future with Johnson & Johnson”. First of all this photo booth had a very sleek yet simple look. Also Johnson & Johnson choose to pick a bright red color background with their label and their campaign title written across it. Therefore the simplicity of the booth allowed the clients to focus on what the event was about. We really loved how this one came out!

Johnson and Johnson Digital Photo Booth

Because the digital photo booth gives a clean and sophisticated look  Johnson & Johnson decided on a digital photo booth for their event. Choosing digital allows easy access to upload onto social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. This allows a perfect platform for marketing your company online. Every digital strip has the personal logo with free online advertisement. All of the clients attending the event raved about how much fun the photo booth experience was!

The great thing about choosing a digital photo booth for your upcoming event is that it is extremely quick to retrieve the photos taken.  The entire photo taking process (getting in the booth, taking your photos, exiting, and receiving the pictures) takes just under a minute. A new photo session can begin once the previous guests Johnson Digital Photo Boothphotos have printed. The digital photo booth is capable of doing about 60 sittings per hour. The photo booth can print two digital strips per sitting.

Another great aspect of the digital photo booth is how easy it is to get copies online. We can provide our customers with an online album to view whenever they want. So the prints from the photo booth go to clients very quickly because of the digital technology.

If you would like to see a video of the Johnson and Johnson digital photo booth please visit this link: