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Classic Photo Booth Rental in Forbes.

Classic Photo Booth Rental Featured in Forbes.com!

photo booth rental for Forbes magazineForbes.com recently featured  Photo Booth with respect to photo booth rental services released in November of 2016.

  • “The box with a curtain and a swivel seat inside still exists, and the kids still love it.”

The Forbes article is entitled: Why Photo Booth are surging In An Age Of Instagram. Also focused on why the Vintage photo booth rental remains a popular commodity amount event planners. As well in the age of high-tech phone cameras and photo-based social media applications including: Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. The article stated that the Original vintage non-digital photo booth remains popular due to its “classic” or “vintage” appeal. The photo booth experience allows individuals to feel closer and brings the younger generation (who may have never seen the non-digital photo booth in public) excitement! Read More…