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Novelty Trading Cards Available in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, 

So, we now offer novelty trading cards (novelty photo cards) for your event! Cards can be designed in any style, from baseball cards, basketball cards, Star Wars, Pokémon cards, and even POKEMON GO CARDS! We can create any template for you can imagine. We can do Star Wars cards, Marvel and DC Comic cards, American Girl cards, and more. You name it, we can make it. Novelty cards

Not only can your novelty card template be customized, but you can also choose the background your photo appears on by incorporating our green screen technology. Cards are the actual size of the cards.  Trading Cards
We also offer protective covers for your cards. We would be more than happy to send samples of this new and unique service.

Trading cards are a great idea to add to a birthday party corporate and any other events. We can also design custom trading cards with your logo, your name and the events guests can make a game out of trading the cards. This is certainly a unique addition fun to any event, and you certainly will be amazing at how great the cards look.

If you are interested in larger photos with green screen technology, check out our green screen photography page. We also offer digital photo booth and classic vintage photo booth rentals. A step and repeat photo shoot with red carpet can allow you to get the feel that you are on the red carpet and certainly wow all of your guests!

Trading Novelty Cards

These quirky trading cards will add an unusual an unexpected dimension to your event. Whilst the cards may seem made for kids, you’ll find your adult guests get caught up in the excitement of trading as well! Trading cards is a perfect and entertaining game for a birthday party but it’s also great for corporate occasions.

Our customizable novelty cards provide the ideal template so that you and your friends can even appear on the photo background, using our state-of-the-art green screen technology. The cards will appear authentic as they are exactly the same size as the original cards! This will add an unforgettable feature to your event.

Ice-breaker trading:

Encourage your guests to trade personalized cards in any order as they mingle, looking for interesting pictures or features in the cards and asking each other questions.

Here are some other ideas about how to use your customized novelty trading cards for your event:

  • So, your guests can use the cards of the invitations to get a hint about what awaits them at the event!
  • For corporate gatherings, get the guests to make sets of cards for different work teams, adding information about positions, departments and achievements.
  • Use the trading cards as business or brand mementos by customizing them with your company logo- spread the word about your business at the same time as creating a fun game for the guests.

All Inclusive Package Includes:

  1. Delivery & set-up
  2. Novelty card setup with green screen technology for 4 hours
  3. Unlimited trading cards printed on-site.
  4. Professional Photographer
  5. Photographer’s Assistant
  6. Custom artwork
  7. CD of all photos
  8. Choice of backgrounds(s)
  9. Optional props package
  10. Online password-protected photo gallery
  11. Removal