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Frequently Asked Questions for Unique Services

Unique Services frequently asked questions for and about the photo booth. If you still have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us (info@classicphotobooth.net). So, our photo booth company with vintage non digital photo booth was founded in 1995. And ever since, we’ve had many satisfied customers! We provide more than 300 events every year with classic and digital photo booths. Also, we are only the company with more than 20 years of experience working with vintage photo booth. Our strongest point is that we can fix the old-fashioned photo booth in 30 seconds.


When was your company founded?
Our photo booth company was founded in 1995, and ever since, we’ve had many satisfied customers! See our Testimonials Page.
Do you run any promotions and how can I get discounts?

We run promotions from time to time for different rental features.  Whether it is discount on actual photo booth rentals or providing ads such as CD’s and customizations for free. To stay on top of our promotions make sure to LIKE us on Facebook. FOLLOW us on Twitter (links are embedded into the icons on the top of each website page and also listed below).

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClassicPhotoBoothUSA
Twitter: https://twitter.com/photoboothideas


Is there a limit on how many pictures a person can take in the photo booth?

The photo booth rental includes UNLIMITED pictures.


How long can the photo booth rental be?

The photo booth rentals could be between 3 hours and longer. However, the most popular rental is 4 hours. After 3 hours, you may add additional time at a rate of 150/hr. For the digital photo booth, we can do less than 3 hours rental.


Who are the attendants you send to events?

Our attendants are hand chosen and trained in our warehouse as well as at actual events (under the supervision of a senior attendant). We will only send out attendants that we are sure are properly trained to assist your guests as well as tend to the photo booth.


Can we get a copy of the photos taken during our event? When will I get my CD?

Yes, our digital photo booth rentals come with a complimentary CD and online photo gallery for 90 days. We will have to get the data from the photo booth in our office to mail the CD. Our classic photo booth rentals have an option of having a CD of all the photos. We have to manually make copies using the scanner. The classic photo booth CD option comes with CD (optional) and online photo gallery for 90 days. The majority of the time you will receive the CD at the end of your event.


Photo booths come with an online photo gallery. When does the online gallery go live?

Our photo booth rentals come with a complimentary online photo gallery for 90 days of all the pictures. We do our very best to put the galleries up the Monday or Tuesday following your event. We know how excited you are to see all the fun photos taken.


Inappropriate photos?

We know that people can be silly, so we scan all the photos and remove photos we believe to be inappropriate. Also, if we miss a photo or you don’t want a photo in the gallery just tell us. We will be happy to remove the photo(s) for you.


Is the online photo gallery password protected and how do my guests access the photos online?

Yes, it is, the password is pre-chosen by you and can be anything (which leaves room for you to be fun and creative)! Your guests will get the directions on accessing the online gallery during the event after they take their photos. Also, we suggest letting your guests know about the online photo gallery and provide them with information on how to get to it.


What if we want to see the photo booth in person?

We absolutely welcome anyone to come into our office and view the photo booths in person. We are located in Old Bridge, New Jersey and are open Monday-Friday 10am-6pm. After hours appointments are available as well. If you are not close enough to come in, we can send you photos or any other information. The information can help you make an informed decision for your event.


Can I have my photo booth on a higher floor or outside?

You may have your photo booth on higher floors as we have photo booths that are able to fit in different size elevators. We just request that you notify us of this so that we can send the correct photo booth! We want to know as much information on the elevator size (depth – door width and high) as possible. Also, please let us know if there is a freight elevator available and the doorway heights. We go to very many locations – some very far from our office – help us be as prepared as possible for your event. As far as outdoor events – we can absolutely do them. Since the photo booths are electromechanical or completely electrical and will be damaged if exposed to rain or inclement weather, we ask that there is some sort of overhead protection for the photo booth arranged in advance.


What is an obstacle for the photo booth delivery and do you check locations prior to events?

We call each location prior to the scheduled event and figure out how we can deliver the photo booth, but we also ask that our clients help us out as they have seen their venue, many times even, and are the most adept in letting us know any obstacles we would have to overcome in the delivery.

Please note that obstacles don’t always mean an additional cost – we just want to be absolutely prepared on the day of your event whether that would mean assigning a specific photo booth to you or even a specific delivery person to deliver the photo booth.

Each photo booth rental comes with 1 (one) delivery person to deliver the photo booth and 1 (attendant) who arrive prior to the event to operate the photo booth. Our Classic Photo Booth weighs 900 pounds therefore obstacles that we MUST ABSOLUTELY be advised of are:

Hills – even slight hills make it more difficult for the delivery person to maneuver with the photo booth. Low doorways – which includes doorways leading from outside as well as through the path that the photo booth will travel to reach to its location (kitchens – hallways – ETC.)

Elevators –The photo booth should fit in the freight elevator or the passenger elevator. We will ask the venue for the dimensions of the elevator.

Steps – if there are any steps, whether it is outside, inside, number of steps, size of steps – even a small step may be difficult to maneuver around.

We absolutely do our end communicating with your venue to find out this information. Also, we will ask for your assistance in helping us to get proper information.


What are my additional options for the photo booth?

  • We will include the scrapbook with full package of our photo booth rental services. Customization such as customized graphics, backgrounds, top signs and logos.
  • CD with all the pictures is optional for classic photo booth.
  • A logo in between your four pictures taken in the photo booth (for example, a date or a name).
  • 42-inch Plasma TV where we run all the photos taken in the photo booth on a streaming slideshow during your event.
  • Arcade games, henna or tattoo, photo crystals, photo frames and green screen photography.


What if I see a photo booth for a lower price – can I price match?

Absolutely – send us e-mail. We can match the price from competitors for the same kind of photo booth.


How can we contact you if we have any more questions about the photo booth?

Either by email; info@classicphotobooth.net or phone 1-800-671-8815. Also we will provide the price quote for the services.


What is the size of the classic photo strip?

The classic photo booth strip size is 1 9/16 x 8 inches.


What’s the difference between the digital photo booth and classic photo booth?

Classic Photo Booth Features

  • The classic photo booth is not a digital machine. It is unique services without using a computer and printer technology. The classic photo booth develops through a liquid process to produce a strip of 4 pictures (color or black/white) with 4 different poses. It is few seconds. One person, couples as well as groups can take pictures from classic photo booth. You can choose color or black and white option prior to the event. The photo booth uses liquid chemicals and photo film that is specific to either black and white photo development or color photo development.
  • Color photo booths have an option of blue, red or white backgrounds.
  • Black/White photo booths have an option of a grey scale background or a white background. (We suggest the grey scale as it gives more contrast to the picture).
  • The classic photo booth can develop up to 7 pictures at the same time with a new person able to take a picture every 25-30 seconds.
  • The classic photo booth develops photos on 40mm film.
  • We can place a custom logo in between the photos of the classic photo booth of up to 32 characters (you can place a name, date, or any other phrase).
  • You cannot get duplicates from classic photo booth. However, we have your guests sit for two photos so that you may use one for your scrapbook (at their election) and the other may go home with your guests as a keepsake.


Digital Photo Booth Features

  • The digital photo booth prints pictures using a top-of-the-line dye-sublimation printer (see more information and the digital photo booth available). It also has an option of Color or black and white photographs – the user selects their preference via on-screen instructions. There is no need to predetermine the photo booth to be Color or Black and white. The digital photo booth allows your guests to choose whether they want a color photo or a black and white photo.
  • Digital photo booths have a white background. We can do customizations to the background to show a graphic, photo, or pattern.
  • Black/White photo booths have an option of a grey scale background or a white background. (We suggest the grey scale as it gives more contrast to the picture).
  • The digital photo booth can only print one photo at a time; however, duplicates come out of the photo taken. In other words, every time a person takes a photo, two copies automatically print out. You can take the pictures every minute depending on how quickly your guests choose to activate the photo taking.
  • The digital photo booth develops photos on glossy photo paper rather than matt paper from classic photo booth.
  • We can place a custom logo on the fourth picture of the digital photo strip and may consist of any graphic.
  • The digital photo booth prints duplicate photos automatically.