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Vintage Photo Booth

Our Vintage Photo Booth is one of the unique and elegant options that we offer at Classic Photo Booth LLC. It is the ideal option for aligning with an event with a more ‘retro’ style and tone. We always work with our clients to customize the product according to their needs, and we can also brand our booths according to the event, so we able to make the booth fit perfectly into its surroundings. The Vintage Photo Booth is one of three booths that we offer and is a modified version of the original 1980s booth. It uses an electro-mechanical and photographic chemical process to produce timeless prints. Despite the ‘age’ of the booth, the photographs that it generates will last for hundreds of years with no degradation in quality or in colour.


The strips are ever-lasting, and can serve as happy memories of the event that you are hosting or partaking in.Another significant benefit of the Vintage Photo booth that we supply is its speed and efficacy- all our booths are in fact the fastest on the market, taking high-quality photographs every 30 seconds. This rate of image-taking is essential for high-profile events, but it’s also ideal for a wedding or party of any kind- we are proud to be able to use such up-to-date technology and deliver the best results to our clients.