Wedding vintage photo booth Model 11.
Wedding vintage photo booth Model 11.

Vintage photo booth at a wedding

Vintage Photo Booth at Elysa and Braulio’s Wedding

Bride and groom in a vintage photo booth.
Happy wedding in industrial style.

A vintage photo booth at a wedding is a fashion trend and fun entertainment.

It brings variety and originality to the traditional atmosphere of the wedding. Moreover, all guests receive stylish vintage photographs as a keepsake. Thanks to these souvenirs, they won’t forget that holiday.

The Art Factory

Elysa and Braulio have been preparing for the wedding for a long time and thoroughly. They chose The Art Factory in Paterson, NJ, just 12 miles from New York City.

It is the perfect location in New Jersey for industrial-style weddings.

The Art Factory is different from other wedding venues. Firstly, the celebrations are held in a building established in the 19th century. Adjacent to Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park in New Jersey, the former American Hemp Company was once powered by its machinery with energy generated from the falls.

Secondly, visitors are attracted by the natural beauty of the National Historical Park. An industrial building with a view of the park through its windows is a rarity.

Thirdly, The Art Factory is an immense territory where weddings, family celebrations, corporate parties, and even film shootings are held. The 5-acre, 21-building campus is part of a vibrant community of creative businesses, shops, and restaurants.

Photo Booth in a Vintage Interior

Photo album for newlyweds.
Photo album for newlyweds.

When preparing a wedding ceremony, the organizers carefully consider the entertainment program of the holiday. Along with the show, performances by artists, competitions, and dances, the program includes a selfie of wedding participants in a vintage photo booth.

The newlyweds chose Hamilton and Jute Halls for their celebration. They were perfect for the theme of the wedding. In addition, the bride and groom were impressed by the opportunity to dance on the parquet floors of 1860 and admire nature through the original factory windows. Retro garlands of Edison lamps hung from the high ceilings, giving the solemn event a refined elegance. A romantic holiday adapted to industrial style, they have had a chic.

By the way, the vintage photo booth in the industrial loft looked very organic. It was perfectly combined with the interior, attracting the attention of all participants in the wedding ceremony. After the official part of the celebration, the guests rushed into the retro photo booth with pleasure. The photo booth made the shooting fun, allowing the newlyweds and everyone invited to fool around.

After the photo shoot, the guests left in the wedding photo album their photos, congratulations, and wishes to the newlyweds. Without a doubt, this memorable gift from Classic Photo Booth LLC will allow everyone present to remember again and again that happy day when two people decided to tie their destinies together.

The Classic Photo Booth Captured Luxurious Images of the Newlyweds

Happy wedding in industrial style.
Happy wedding in industrial style.

When the bride and groom entered the hall, the guests were delighted. The image of the newlyweds was in the style of an industrial wedding.

The bride chose a long snow-white dress with a bare back and shoulders that emphasized her femininity. The white sneakers she wore did not hinder movement. Therefore, she did not just go towards the guests but joyfully danced. The luxurious curls of the wedding hairstyle were so beautiful that they did not require any decorations.

The happy groom did not hide his delight, looking at the bride.

He even performed a worship dance in her honor. Not every bride can boast that the groom at the wedding laid down at her feet.

The newlyweds were able to capture their admiration for each other in a vintage Model 11 photo booth. Photo strips will remind them of the most important day of their life together.

Lion at The Art Factory   
Lion at the wedding party.
Lion at the wedding party.

Elysa and Braulio’s wedding had a lot of visitors. But one of them stood out in particular. Standing at the door to the loft, he greeted everyone who came to the holiday. It was a lion.

Or rather, a sculpture of a Lion made of wire and feathers. A talented artist has created an impressive art object, symbolizing strength, tenderness, power, and lightness.

Everything that keeps the family together.

Vintage photo booth at your wedding
Vintage photo booth.
Wedding vintage photo booth groom and bride.

If you’ve decided to tie the knot and are already thinking about getting married, don’t put off renting a photo booth. Compared to previous years, the interest in retro booths today has increased many times. Not one, two, but three photo booths are booked for celebrations. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a model and agree on the day and place of the wedding.

At the celebration of Elysa and Braulio, a Model 11 photo booth worked. It is a complete analog of the photo booth of the 1960s. It prints both black and white and color photographs. A significant advantage of this model is its speed and efficiency. It takes high-quality photos every 30 seconds. This high speed is optimal for crowded events such as weddings.

You can also rent other models of vintage photo booths.

Call us! We will help you organize the best photo show at your event!