Vintage photobooth Model 14

Vintage photobooth at Aliya’s wedding

Unforgettable Moments with the Classic Photo Booth at Aliya Wachsstock’s Wedding

Bride and groom in the vintage photo boothClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a rental of the vintage photobooth Model 14 for Aliya Wachsstock’s wedding. The celebratory event occurred on May 27th at a private estate in Richmond, VA. Bride Aliya and groom Will were the happiest couple in the entire city that day.

The romance of the estate, combined with the vintage charm of the classic photo booth, created a magical atmosphere that neither the newlyweds nor their guests will forget.

The Vintage photo booth at the wedding of Aliya provided guests with an amazing source of entertainment. Wedding guests happily enjoyed the process of creating unique and memorable photographs. The photo booth became the center of attention and a source of joy for everyone in attendance. Guests were thrilled that the photos could be instantly printed, and the photo strips became delightful souvenirs for them.

The newlyweds will undoubtedly cherish these photographs and reminisce about every joyful moment spent with friends and family on this special day.

The Beautiful Vintage World of Aliya Wachsstock 

Private house, RichmondAliya Wachsstock – the bride who not only studied at the San Francisco Art Institute but also has a passionate fascination with vintage items. She finds grandeur and beauty in everything related to antiquity, and her collection of vintage objects is a testament to her passion for the past.

Among all the vintage items that captivate Aliya, the vintage photo booth particularly catches her attention. She is enthralled by the history of photography and values the uniqueness and aesthetics that vintage photo booths bring to events. Choosing a vintage photo booth for her wedding was a natural extension of her love for art and antiquity.

Aliya sees vintage photo booths as a great way to capture memories and create authentic photographs that capture the atmosphere of a bygone era.

Thus, the choice of the vintage photobooth for Aliya’s wedding emphasizes not only her refined taste and passion for art but also her enthusiasm for vintage items. She strives to bring elements of uniqueness and originality to every aspect of her life, including the most significant event – her wedding. The vintage photo booth became the perfect choice to create unforgettable moments and preserve them in a style that is so dear to Aliya.

The Atmosphere of Retro Romance: Renting Vintage Photo Booths for Weddings

Renting vintage photo booths for weddings adds a special elegance and charm to this beautiful occasion. These unique artifacts from the last century have become a popular trend at weddings. They bring style and sophistication to any event.

Vintage photo booths possess an enchantment that captivates guests and creates an atmosphere of romance and nostalgia. Their elegant design, stylish details, and authenticity add a special allure to the wedding.

Guests at the wedding, upon seeing a vintage photo booth, feel like actors in old movies or characters in romantic retro stories. They get the opportunity to travel back in time and immerse themselves in the ambiance of the past. Simultaneously, they create snapshots that capture their joy and merriment.

Renting vintage photo booths for weddings highlights the attention to detail. It signifies that the bride and groom, as well as their guests, appreciate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of this special day. It also allows everyone present to create fun and memorable moments that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Model 14 Photo Booth: A Vintage Product for Your Wedding

The classic photo booth Model 14 is a beloved photo machine at weddings. The Model 14 is housed in an authentic 1960s photo booth, making it a genuine product of its era.

This model features a double entrance, allowing guests to enter from the front or the back of the booth. This unique feature enables efficient service for a large number of people. The vintage Model 14 photo booth uses electromechanical and photographic chemical processes to create timeless prints. The photos printed by the Model 14 will remain of high quality and color for hundreds of years.

The vintage photo booth prints both color and black-and-white photographs. Additionally, the Model 14 is the fastest on the market, simultaneously developing 7 photo strips. Photos are delivered every 30 seconds, and you receive the strip in just 3 minutes.

If you want to add a touch of retro style to your wedding, consider renting a vintage photo booth. Classic Photo Booth LLC offers its services to help you create unforgettable impressions and moments on your special day. Call us!


Vintage photo strip from a photo booth Model14   Wedding vintage strip from the Model14   Wedding strip from vintage photo booth Model14   Vintage photo strip from a photo booth Model14   Strip vintage from a photo booth Model14   Strip black and white from a photo booth Model14   Strip from a vintage photobooth Model14    Photo strip from a classic photo booth Model14  Black and white strip from a vintage photo booths   Black and white photo strip from vintage photobooth