Classic photo booth Model 25 at Diana Ericksen and Austin Abbott's wedding, NY

Vintage photobooth at Diana’s wedding

The classic photo booth captured the hearts of the guests
at Diana Ericksen and Austin Abbott’s wedding

Bride-and-groom-in-the-photobooth-Model-25Classic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photobooth Model 25 for Diana Ericksen and Austin Abbott’s wedding. The festive event took place on September 1st at Keepsake At the Academy in New York.

At Diana and Austin’s wedding, guests were given a unique opportunity to travel back in time and create unforgettable memories. The vintage photobooth at Diana and Austin’s wedding was the perfect focal point for their special day.

Guests eagerly lined up in front of this vintage photo booth, awaiting their turn to capture happy moments. The photos from the photo booth became true treasures for all in attendance. Their unique charm added an enchanting touch to this special occasion.

Not only did the photos become a part of the evening, but the incredible atmosphere surrounding the vintage photo booth was also noteworthy. Guests laughed, took photos in different outfits, and had a great time. The Model 25 photo booth became a source of endless entertainment and joy for everyone present.

Diana and Austin’s wedding will be remembered by all as a day to cherish, thanks in large part to the vintage photobooth Model 25 from Classic Photo Booth LLC. This detail added a unique character to the festive event and left unforgettable memories in the hearts of all in attendance.


Features of the Photobooth Model 25

Newlyweds Diana and Austin in the classic photo booth.Unlike vintage photo booths of other models offered for rent by Classic Photo Booth LLC, the Model 25 features an exterior finish made of natural wood. This unique characteristic, as experts believe, gives it a more vintage Hollywood appearance. This model is a modified version of the original 1980s photo booth. The photo machine utilizes both electromechanical and photographic chemical processes to create photos that withstand the test of time. Despite the venerable age of the photo machine itself, the photo strips it prints will remain of high quality for hundreds of years without deterioration.

It’s worth noting that at Diana Ericksen and Austin Abbott’s wedding, the vintage Model 25 photo booth printed color photos. But we can say with confidence that even after a hundred years the color of the photo strips will remain unchanged.

By the way, this vintage Model 25 photo machine can print both color and black-and-white photo strips. In addition to choosing the color, you can use text logos and various backgrounds.

Color photos can have a blue, red, or white background, which can be changed during the photoshoot. To do this, simply pull the curtain of your preferred color behind the seat inside the booth. Black and white photographs may have a white or grayscale background. This can be achieved by drawing the curtain behind the seat.

Installation Tricks of the Vintage Machine from Classic Photo Booth LLC



It’s important to note that Classic Photo Booth LLC takes care of both the delivery and setup, as well as the dismantling of the photo booth. By the way, the photo booth was delivered to the wedding in… disassembled condition.

The reason for such “unusual” transportation was that the photo booth did not fit into the entrance of the establishment.

However, only high-level specialists can do such tricks. Namely, to the specialists of Classic Photo Booth LLC. Therefore, if you don’t want unforeseen hiccups to mar your celebration, always turn to Classic Photo Booth LLC. The experts at this company will undoubtedly find a solution for any situation.


Vintage Photo Booth at Keepsake At the Academy

Keepsake-at-the-Academy weddingTraditionally, a vintage photo booth has become an essential part of luxurious events. People associate retro photo booths with something timeless, substantial, and reliable. In the digital world, there is a renewed need for tangible memories. How pleasant it is to have a photo album that you can flip through or a photo strip that you can use as a bookmark in your favorite book. And then, when you find it, you can admire the vintage photos and reminisce about the good times at various celebrations.

That’s why Diana and Austin’s guests warmly welcomed the vintage photobooth and were eager to do as many photo sessions as possible.

It’s worth mentioning that this time, the Model 25 photo booth was operating in the heart of the Hudson Valley at Keepsake At the Academy. This place is the most captivating and luxurious wedding venue. It’s not just a space for various ceremonial events; it’s the intertwining of the newlyweds’ story and Keepsake At the Academy’s history.

Thanks to the spacious hall and its towering 20-foot ceilings, the Model 25 photo booth exuded grace and elegance. The light streaming through the panoramic windows gently caressed the exterior wooden finish of the photo booth. And despite the numerous opportunities for photo sessions for the newlyweds and their guests — from posing in front of the Surface of Beauty frescoes to photoshoots in the cozy inner courtyard just steps away from breathtaking views of the Hudson River Valley — everyone was eager to experience the vintage photo booth.


Perhaps you’re also on the brink of your big day. Don’t delay in booking a vintage photo booth rental. After all, vintage photo booths are far fewer in number than weddings. So, call Classic Photo Booth LLC now and reserve your vintage photo booth. Classic timeless photo booths of various models await you, along with top-notch service!



Photoshoot in the classic photo booth at Keepsake At the Academy. Bride-and-groom-color-photo-stripes, NY Two-parts classic photo-booth Model 25 photo booth weddings-in-the-Keepsake-At-the-Academy Keepsake at the Academy wedding