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Vintage photobooth at Juliette’s wedding

Vintage Photobooth Model 14: The Star of Juliette and Max’s Romantic Wedding in Vermont

Wooden photo booth at Juliette and Max's Romantic Wedding in VermontClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model 14 for Juliette and Max’s wedding. The festive event occurred on September 9th at Fable Farm in Barnard, Vermont.

It gathered a multitude of guests eager to congratulate the newlyweds and, of course, relax and have fun. Can there be entertainment without a fun photoshoot in a vintage photo booth? Of course not!

As always, the photo booth generated immense interest. It was never empty throughout the entire evening! All the guests, including the bride and groom, derived maximum enjoyment from the entertaining photoshoot in this vintage photo booth. The newlyweds were delighted to see their friends and family creating funny and memorable moments in the photographs.

Undoubtedly, the Model-14 photo booth added a charm to this romantic event. Its antique design and luxurious wooden decor seamlessly blended with the wedding style. Guests happily showcased various looks to the camera, which became a part of the wedding memories. The photo booth became the focal point, where everyone gathered to share laughter and joy. After all, it’s these moments that make a wedding truly unforgettable.

A Vintage Styled Wedding at Fable Farm

Wooden photo booth Model 14 in the Tasting RoomFable Farm is a unique gem nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains in Barnard, Vermont. Perched at an elevation of 1700 feet above the Brod Brook watershed, this farm encompasses fields, woodlands, and gardens teeming with rich ecological diversity.

On one side of the valley lies the historic Clark Farm, spanning 500 acres. On the other side, an additional 350 acres house a fermentation facility, event space, and a culinary company supplying freshly prepared produce for various farm-hosted events.

Fable Farm organizes various events: private meetings, corporate events, non-profit events, and dinner parties. And, of course, weddings. Nowhere else will you savor such delectable cuisine as at this farm, or partake in wines quite as exquisite as those served here. While chefs work their culinary magic, guests bask in the breathtaking views, engage in conversation, take strolls, and, of course, capture moments in the vintage photo booth provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC.

As previously mentioned, the vintage photobooth Model 25¬†seamlessly complemented Juliette and Max’s wedding style at Fable Farm. It was elegantly placed in the Tasting Room, where guests enjoyed both photography and tastings of various artisanal wines.

Wedding Photo Strips – Memories for a Lifetime

Photo stripes of the newlywed Juliette and MaxVintage photo strip of friends of the newlyweds Wedding photo strips are more than just photographs; they are memories deeply embedded in the hearts and minds of newlyweds and their guests. The black and white photo strip selection at the vintage wedding of Juliet and Max has been perfect. This style accentuated the atmosphere of vintage romance, adding a special charm to every frame. Something is enchanting about black and white photo strips that beckons us to scrutinize each detail, seeking hidden meanings and emotions.

These exquisite snapshots, fitting in any wallet or safely stored in a wedding photo album, will always serve as a reminder of that special day. Photo strips don’t merely capture moments; they infuse them with extra significance. In black and white, emotions take on depth, every detail becomes unique, and an air of uniqueness envelops each image.

Every time the newlyweds hold these photographs, they relive their special day. In these images, they see not only themselves but also the love that made their wedding day unforgettable.

Wedding photo strips are an art of preserving time, moments, and the essence of your story. They remain faithful companions, reminding you of the grandeur and beauty of the love you share.


So, if you’re preparing for your wedding, make sure to include a vintage photo booth in your festivities. Contact Classic Photo Booth LLC. The finest professionals in the country when it comes to vintage photo art will assist you in selecting the perfect photo booth model and answer all your questions.



Photo stripes from the wedding of Juliett and Max Black and white photo stripes Vintage pictures Photo stripes of wedding guests of Juliett and Max

Tasting Room Photo session in the classic photo booth Model 14 Juliett and Max's wedding party at Fable Farm Tasting Room in the Fable Farm, in Barnard, Vermont Juliette and Max at Fable Farm, Barnard, Vermont.