Bred and groom in the vintage photobooth, The star Barn at stone Gables Estate.

Vintage photobooth at Madison’s wedding

Vintage Photobooth Model-11 at Madison and Reed’s Wedding: Unforgettable Moments

Photo session in the wedding vintage photo booth Model-11Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model-11 for the wedding of Madison Vanaskie and Reed Hirneisen. The wedding ceremony took place on October 6 at The Star Barn in Stone Gables Estate. This evening was filled with joy, laughter, and incredible moments that will remain in the memories of the newlyweds forever.

Madison and Reed’s wedding was a special occasion. It not only brought together friends and family in a beautiful location but also a National Register of Historic Places landmark. Situated in Dauphin County, Middletown, Pennsylvania, this estate was their chosen setting to create an unforgettable atmosphere. And it’s safe to say they succeeded. The vintage photo booth Model-11 at Madison’s wedding was part of the festive atmosphere.

The newlyweds and event guests eagerly posed for photos in the vintage photo booth, creating unique snapshots. These photos became a delightful surprise for the guests and a part of Madison and Reed’s wedding album. This photo booth added a touch of originality to the wedding ceremony, making it even more special.


Captivating vintage at the wedding at The Star Barn at Stone Gables Estate

Newlyweds Madison Vanaskie and Reed HirneisenNewlyweds kiss in the vintage photo booth Model-11.As previously mentioned, the vintage photobooth at Madison and Reed’s wedding became a true highlight of this festive evening. The interior of The Star Barn at Stone Gables Estate perfectly complemented the retro style of the Model-11 vintage photo booth.

This vintage photo booth produced charming black-and-white photographs, adding an element of delightful elegance to the event. The bride and groom, as well as their guests, were enthralled by these vintage photo strips. The charm of black and white photographs seamlessly blended with the overall aesthetic of the event, creating a sense of classic refinement for everyone in attendance.

However, it’s only fair to say that this sense of elegance was equally attributed to the entire Stone Gables Estate. There was plenty to admire and explore here.

The Star Barn: A Magnificent Testament to Architectural History

The star Barn at stone Gables-Estate, PA.History tells us that this ancient estate in the Gothic style was constructed in 1872 by Daniel Reichert for John Motter. Besides owning this estate, John Motter simultaneously held the positions of a bank president, hotel proprietor, and prosperous farmer. He also had a passion for horse breeding and sales. John Motter had seven daughters, and a separate farm was built for each of them.

The height of this estate building reaches 65 feet. It is adjacent to a one-acre pond adorned with a fountain, pavilion, and swans. Outstanding domes, four striking louvered star fans, a vaulted stone tunnel spanning 56 feet, and other unique architectural details make this structure far more impressive than standard Pennsylvania constructions.

The Star Barn is recognized as one of the most photographed and artistically adorned barns in the United States. This magnificent architectural treasure in the Gothic Revival style serves as a symbolic window to the past, revealing pages of history and the mastery of American architecture.

Memory Altar at Madison and Reed’s Wedding

Memory Altar at Madison and Reed's WeddingWeddings always carry a special atmosphere of joy, love, and significant moments shared with loved ones. However, it’s not always possible to gather all family and friends, especially if they are far away or, sadly, have passed away.

At Madison Vanaskie and Reed Hirneisen’s wedding, a sort of memory altar was created. On a separate table, beautiful frames held images of those whom the newlyweds would have loved to have present on this day. Next to these photographs, candles were lit in honor of those who have departed. The lit candles symbolized light, hope, and respect for the departed. This moment in the wedding ceremony became particularly touching and meaningful for those in attendance.

This gesture not only respectfully commemorates the memory of departed loved ones but also infuses the wedding with a deep sense of significance. It provides an opportunity to remember those who have left their mark on the lives of the newlyweds. It’s a touching and heartfelt moment that adds depth and meaning to the wedding celebration, reminding everyone that love and connections with loved ones extend beyond time and space.

Model-11 Photo Booth: Vintage Magic

Classic photo booth Model-11 at Madison Wanasky's weddingModel-11 is a vintage photo booth with a range of unique features that make it a popular addition to various events:

Versatility: Model-11 allows you to print both black and white and color photographs. This allows guests to choose their preferred photography style.

Compact: This photo booth is compact, making it easy to fit into tight spaces for events. It easily integrates into any atmosphere.

User Friendly: Model-11 has a user-friendly interface that allows any person to interact with it easily.

Style: The vintage design of Model-11 adds a touch of retro charm to the event. This makes it particularly appealing for events where style and aesthetics are of importance.

Instant printing. One of the outstanding features of the Model-11 photo booths is the ability to print photo strips instantly. Guests receive their photos immediately after they are taken.

Model-11 offers event guests the opportunity to create unforgettable moments and save them in the form of stylish, high-quality photographs. Its versatility and retro design make it a popular accessory for weddings, parties, and other events.

If you want your special day to be memorable for you and your guests for a lifetime, order a vintage photo booth! Choose the model you like and call us!



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