Vintage photobooth at Victoria’s wedding

Memorable Moments: Vintage Photobooth at Victoria and Alan’s Wedding

Newlyweds in the vintage photo booth Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model 14 for the fantastic wedding of Victoria Goethals and Alan Gagnon. This magnificent ceremony took place on September 23 at the Normandy Beach Yacht Club, NJ.

A wedding at a yacht club is already something unique, but the vintage photo booth added even more charm to it. In it, the newlyweds and their guests not only had fun but also created wonderful black-and-white photo strips. They will always remind of this special day.

Guests and the newlyweds eagerly posed in the Model 14 photo booth, striving to capture unique moments, and they succeeded! Each photograph captured moments of smiles and laughter, and now these memories will stay with them throughout their lives.

It can be confidently said that the uniqueness of the wedding venue at the yacht club was emphasized by the presence of the vintage photo booth. It created a unique atmosphere and added a special touch to this memorable day. This was a wedding that both the guests and the newlyweds will remember with a smile on their faces. The vintage photo strips from the Model 14 photo booth will become true family treasures that they will be proud of.


Vintage Magic of Wedding Moments at Normandy Beach Yacht Club

photo of the bride and groom together with guests next to the photo boothAgree, a wedding is one of those days that you want to make magical and the best day of your life. That’s why the choice of a venue for the wedding ceremony is crucial.

Of course, you can rent a banquet hall in a restaurant. You can have a wedding in a country hotel, surrounded by nature. But if you organize a wedding at a yacht club, it will become unforgettable and a real romantic adventure! To enhance the romantic atmosphere, a vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC can do wonders. Just like it did at Victoria Goethals and Alan Gagnon’s wedding.

The vintage photobooth Model 14¬†seamlessly blended into the interior of the yacht club’s hall, adding a touch of antique charm to the modern atmosphere. Its wooden details and retro decor created a cozy and elegant environment that perfectly complemented the yacht club’s style.

The photo booth was practically a magnet for guests and the newlyweds. It enjoyed immense popularity, and laughing and joyful people constantly gathered around it, eager to capture their joyful moments.

By the way, despite the presence of a whole range of entertainment, such as caricatures of the newlyweds, dancing, and other attractions, the photo session in the photo booth turned out to be the most sought-after entertainment. This photo booth truly added magic and uniqueness to this special day in the lives of Victoria and Alan.


The unique black-and-white photo strips have become a true talisman for the newlyweds

Vintage photo strip of newlyweds Vintage photo booths and vintage photo strips possess several characteristics that make them truly unique:

Vintage Charm: A vintage photo booth embodies the charm and atmosphere of bygone eras. Its design and details lend an authentic retro style to any event.

Unique Photo Strips: A photo booth creates distinctive black-and-white or color photo strips consisting of four frames. These photo strips are impossible to replicate identically, making them particularly valuable.

Emotional Value: Vintage photo strips capture moments of joy, laughter, and celebration at events. They become physical memories that can be cherished and passed down through generations.

Interactive Entertainment: A photo booth serves as interactive entertainment for event guests. It encourages participants to take photos and create unique snapshots.

Personalization: Photo booths can be customized with text logos and backgrounds, adding a personal touch to each photograph.

Durability: Vintage photo strips, produced by authentic photo booths, can last for decades and remain in excellent condition, retaining their value.

All these features make vintage photo booths and photo strips especially popular at weddings, parties, and other events where nostalgia and the desire to capture joyful moments are appreciated.

So, if you are planning a special event or a wedding, be sure to book a vintage photo booth from Classic Photo Booth LLC.



Near the vintage photobooth Newlyweds Victoria Goethals and Alan Gagnon Friendly cartoon of the bride and groom The artist paints a portrait of the bride and grooma wedding dance

Newlyweds kiss in the vintage photo booth Normandy Beach yacht club NJ  Wedding at Normandy Beach Yacht Club New JerseyWedding of Victoria Goethals and Alan Gagnon at Normandy Beach Yacht Club New Jersey