Bride and groom in-the-classic photo booth Model 11 at wedding Whitney Winfield and Jacob Soroken Porter

Vintage photobooth at Whitney’s wedding

Unforgettable Atmosphere of Retro Romance:
Vintage Photo Booth Model 11 at the Wedding of Whitney and Jacob 


Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model 11 for the chic wedding of Whitney Winfield and Jacob Soroken Porter. The festive event took place on September 2nd at Kings Highway in Saugerties, NY.

Guests reveled with all their hearts. The vintage photobooth became a true source of entertainment and embellishment for the wedding celebration. Both the newlyweds and their guests enthusiastically embraced the vintage black-and-white style, a splendor perfectly facilitated by photo booth Model 11.

As always, the vintage photobooth Model 11 contributed to an unparalleled atmosphere of retro romance at the wedding. Guests posed in front of the camera, delighting in unique photo strips.

Whitney and Jacob, the newlyweds, arranged a whole photoshoot within the photo booth. Numerous joyful and touching black-and-white photos will always remind them of the happiest day in their lives. The photo booth provided great entertainment for both the newlyweds and guests.

The Unique Love Story of Jacob and Whitney

Bride and groom exchange rings


Did you know that the vintage photobooth Model 11 captured not just Jacob and Whitney’s wedding but also the 10-year anniversary of their love story?

Their journey began a decade ago at the New York Musical Festival (NYMF). Jacob was producing one show, while Whitney was performing in another. As part of his duties, Jacob was traversing the festival’s venues when he spotted Whitney. Their gazes met, and from that moment, they couldn’t take their eyes off each other.

Throughout the night, they circled the room, observing each other. Both mustered the courage to initiate a conversation. Jacob, unable to contain himself, was the first to approach Whitney, saying, “I’ve been watching you all night.” Whitney replied with a smile, “Everything’s fine, I’ve been doing the same.” These two phrases, uttered a decade ago, etched themselves into their memories. This fleeting yet significant moment they marked the beginning of their love story, which has kept them happy for ten years.

The love between Jacob and Whitney proves that chance encounters can lead to something extraordinary and incredible.

Vintage Kings Highway Saugerties

Wedding in the Kings Highway Saugerties, NY.Perhaps Jacob and Whitney’s romantic wedding could have taken place nowhere else but Kings Highway Saugerties in New York.

Kings Highway Saugerties is an estate located on a country road near the village of Saugerties. It’s also known as the Black Walnut Farm and has a rich history. Built-in the Hudson Valley in 1747, the estate boasts a stunning 35-acre property, highlighted by a historic stone colonial house that captivated both the bride and groom and their guests.

The estate offers a beautiful blend of 6 acres of open fields, shaded woodlands, sun-dappled meadows with majestic pine and hardwood trees, ancient stone walls, the Madderkill stream, and a view of the mountains.

It’s worth noting that this estate is a haven for nature enthusiasts and nostalgic souls seeking the charm of yesteryears. The country house features all the modern conveniences of contemporary living while preserving the charm and historical ambiance of its original 18th-century construction.

In this timeless setting, the vintage photo booth Model 11 found its perfect placement. It seamlessly blended into the spacious hall where the newlyweds danced their first dance for the guests.

Wedding Souvenirs from Classic Photo Booth LLC

wishes-to-the-newlyweds-along-with-photo-stripesBlack and white photo stripes at wedding in the Kings Highway Saugerties, NYThroughout its history, Classic Photo Booth LLC has never had a wedding where the company didn’t gift newlyweds a wedding photo album for photo strips and well-wishes. This time, as a gift, large square, sturdy sheets in dark gray were presented, on which guests handwrote their congratulations in white ink. A little later, all these filled sheets, along with the black-and-white photo strips, will be assembled into one large album. It will be stored eternally, serving as a reminder to the husband and wife of the beautiful celebration that marked the birth of their family.

These vintage wedding photo stripes will attract the attention of not only their children but also their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

This is entirely feasible. By the way, photo strips from vintage cabinets never lose their quality. These splendid black-and-white photo strips will be living witnesses to love and joy, capturing the moments of this special day.

It’s important to note that these photo strips retain their character and magic for centuries. They can transport us into the past, into moments of happiness and joy, and will always remind Jacob and Whitney of how their family story began.



If you’re planning your wedding, be sure to book a vintage photo booth. This is a stylish element of any celebration that can create a unique retro atmosphere.

You’ll preserve your happy moments in black-and-white or color photographs that will delight you and your descendants for many years to come. Call us!



Whitney-and-Jacob at the wedding ceremony  newlyweds-in-the-Kings-Highway-Saugerties  Whitney and Jacob's wedding invitation.  Family photos at Whitney's wedding at Kings Highway Saugerties, NY