Analog photo booth at Malibu

Analog photo booth in Malibu became the highlight of a fairytale wedding in vintage style

Guests preparing for a photo shoot in the analog photo booth.An analog photo booth in Malibu, California became the highlight of the fairytale vintage-style wedding of Ionne Faye and Justin Lussier. The wedding ceremony took place at Calamigos Ranch.

Meanwhile, guests enjoyed the festive atmosphere. The newlyweds chose the analog photo booth Model-14 to capture unforgettable moments of the day in a unique and authentic style. Consequently, the photos taken in the booth served as cherished souvenirs for the guests and became an important part of the couple’s wedding album. Furthermore, the colorful photo strips reflected the magic and romance of their special day.

Moreover, the newlyweds meticulously planned every detail to make their wedding unforgettable and to reflect their personal preferences and styles. Ionne, in an elegant white dress, and Justin, in a classic suit, looked like characters from an old Hollywood film. The ceremony took place outdoors among ancient trees and blooming gardens of the ranch. Consequently, this setting created perfect conditions for romantic photographs. After exchanging vows, the couple headed to the analog photo booth. There, the bride and groom had a fun photo session. Finally, they printed many colorful pictures on the spot, thanks to the high speed of the vintage photo booth. These photos instantly became favorite souvenirs. They reminded everyone present of the beauty and sincerity of the day.

For Ionne and Justin, the analog photo booth symbolized their love for simple yet significant things. They wanted their guests to be able to return to a time when photos were true works of art.

Unforgettable Wedding at Calamigos Ranch: Romance and Vintage Memories

Vintage photo booth at Calamigos Ranch, MalibuThe analog photo booth in Malibu left a lasting impression on the newlyweds and their guests at Calamigos Ranch. It’s important to note that Calamigos Ranch has occupied a special place in Malibu’s history since 1937. It serves as the only venue for ceremonies, both indoors and outdoors, on over 5500 acres of untouched beauty.

It’s easy to see why Calamigos Ranch attracts many visitors. Indeed, green meadows, garden patios, and waterfalls provide a stunning backdrop where couples exchange vows. Moreover, several locations are available here for solemn ceremonies. For example, the solemn ceremony of Ionne Faye and Justin Lussier took place in the Birchwood room. This place embodies romance, where the groom and the bride exchange vows on a soft grassy meadow amidst the sounds of a waterfall.

Additionally, the analog photo booth Model-14 operated under the open sky. It stood surrounded by ancient oaks and birches, with open patios adorned with twinkling lights. The newlyweds and their guests seemed to be in a fairytale world. They never felt a moment without happiness and something sublime. Consequently, the photo booth captured everything that happened, immortalizing every important moment and the joyful expressions on the faces of the guests, becoming an integral part of the memories of this magnificent day. Furthermore, each colorful photo strip became a beautiful souvenir for the guests and an important fragment of Ionne and Justin’s love story. The sight of these vintage pictures filled the wedding guests’ hearts with warmth and joy, recalling the magical day they shared with the loving couple.

Scrapbook: A Unique Activity for Wedding Guests

Wedding scrapbook for congratulations and photo stripes.

At the wedding of Ionne Faye and Justin Lussier, held at the picturesque Calamigos Ranch in Malibu, guests enjoyed a special activity – creating a scrapbook. Additionally, the analog photo booth Model-14 captured bright moments and became part of a unique project that brought everyone together.

This entertainment became a special gift for the newlyweds and their guests from Classic Photo Booth LLC. Traditionally, the company provides a scrapbook and offers the opportunity to fill it out at all the weddings it participates in.

Immediately after the ceremony, where the newlyweds exchanged vows, guests headed to a specially arranged scrapbooking corner. Here, in the open air, the organizers set up tables with albums, colorful papers, stickers, ribbons, and other decorative elements.

Each guest could take a photo in an analog photo booth and add a photo stripe of the band to the wedding album. They left warm wishes and memories. They also attached souvenirs and decorations, creating pages full of love and joy. The event coordinator provided instructions and assisted guests, ensuring everyone could contribute to creating this unique gift.

Creating a scrapbook has become a fun activity and a way to capture individual moments and emotions of this special day. Guests enthusiastically participated in this creative process. They made the album bright and unforgettable. The finished scrapbook became an important fragment of Ionne and Justin’s love story, filled with warmth and joy. This unique album will be cherished, reminding them of the magical day.

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Wedding ceremony at Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, CA. Queue for the vintage photo booth at the wedding, California. Bride and groom with color photo strip. Guests fill out a wedding Scrapbook.                         Fun photo session in the classic photo booth, California. Color photo strip in the wedding photo album. Bride and groom at Calamigos Ranch.