Vintage Model 14 photo booth for the most extravagant bride.

Photo booth at wedding Danielle

Vintage Photo Booth and Creative Freedom at Danielle Krasniqi’s Wedding

Bride with guests in a photo booth.Classic Photo Booth LLC presented the vintage photo booth Model 14 at the wedding of Danielle Krasniqi, the most extravagant bride in all of Brooklyn. On May 13th, Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer exchanged vows. The wedding took place at the Salvation Army location and became a manifestation of eccentricity and creativity.

Bride Danielle Krasniqi looked stunning in her open white dress. The tattoos covering her body added uniqueness to the girl.

The most extravagant-bride in New York.Without any doubt, she was a true artist, expressing creativity through her appearance. A bold, vibrant, and free-spirited artist. It’s no wonder the bride’s second name is Iliria, which means “Freedom” in Albanian.

This name connects her to her father’s homeland, Kosovo. Although Danielle did not grow up in that environment, she always felt a pull toward her roots.

Danielle has a passion for studying Albanian culture. National fabrics and handmade embroidery particularly caught her attention. She creates exquisite clothing using Albanian textiles in her artistry.

Acrobatics in the Vintage Photo Booth

Bride Danielle Krasniqi in the photo booth.The photo booth at the wedding of Danielle Krasniqi was the best entertainment for both the newlyweds and their guests. 

By the way, the photo booth at the wedding was Danielle Krasniqi’s dream. Since she works at Classic Photo Booth and helps guests from various events with their photo sessions, she really wanted to be photographed in a photo booth on her own wedding day. And her dream came true.

Danielle posed in all the positions that her imagination could suggest. She sat, stood, and even hung in the photo booth, performing acrobatic moves. In one of the shots, she hung in the photo booth with her legs tucked in.

Сolor photo stripe bride.The bride hung, positioned near the ceiling of the photo booth, boldly showcasing her playful nature. This shot became one of the memorable moments that the bride happily shared with her wedding guests.

Hundreds of photo strips captured her imagination, unpredictability, and originality during the photo shoot in the photo booth. There is even a photo strip that includes four frames, capturing her hands, legs, body, and head.

Color photo stripe from the wedding of Danielle Krasniqi.


Clearly, Danielle made the most of her wedding to add even more expression to the photos, creating unique images and preserving unforgettable memories of her special day.

Unforgettable Moments in the Photo Booth: The Highlight of Danielle Krasniqi’s Wedding

Bride and groom in a photo booth.
Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer in the vintage photo booth.

The vintage Model 14 photo booth, presented by Classic Photo Booth, became the true highlight of Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer’s wedding. This vintage photo booth had a special charm and added a unique charm to the event.

One of the advantages of the vintage Model 14 photo booth was the ability to create colored photographs. This allowed the bride and groom to fully convey the atmosphere of the wedding and bring each frame to life with bright and vibrant shades. At the same time, the photo booth maintained its true vintage style, adding romance to every photograph.

Wedding photo shoot at Salvation Army location Brooklyn.Bride Danielle Krasniqi and groom Dylan Kammerer thoroughly enjoyed being photographed in the Model 14 photo booth. They found special fun and joy in it, creating various photographic shots with friends and family. The photo booth became a place where they could express their creative freedom and have fun, leaving bright and cheerful memories of this special day.

So, the Model 14 photo booth became not only a photographic attraction at Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer’s wedding but also an important part of their memories. It made their wedding photo session even more vibrant, enjoyable, and memorable, reflecting their individuality and love for each other.


The team of Classic Photo Booth LLC congratulates Danielle Krasniqi and Dylan Kammerer on their marriage. We wish them a long, happy life filled with love and loyalty.

Bride's hands photo shoot.The most extravagant-bride in New York.Dress of the most extravagant bride.Legs of the most extravagant bride.