Photo booth at Katie’s wedding

Vintage Photo Booth at Katie Condon and Darrin Higgins’ Unforgettable Wedding

Classic Photo Booth LLC provided the vintage photo booth
Model 14 for the wedding of Katie Condon and Darrin Higgins. The celebratory event took place on May 20th at Gallery 5, a historic building in Richmond, VA.

The newlyweds spent the whole day surrounded by family and friends. Together, they created an atmosphere of magic and love that permeated every moment of this unforgettable celebration.

The vintage photo booth Model 14  from Classic Photo Booth LLC became an integral part of the wedding reception. Guests posed in front of the camera, entertained themselves, laughed, and rejoiced in capturing perfect shots.

They preserved these moments forever thanks to the beautiful photographs from the photo booth. Each snapshot became a vivid testament to their participation in this special day. Additionally, the photo strips became unique keepsakes for all attendees.


Classic Photo Booth Model 14 at Gallery 5

The historic building of Gallery 5 in Richmond, VA, with its unique architecture and historical significance, served as a beautiful venue for the wedding of Katie Condon and Darrin Higgins. Its beauty and character added a special charm and elegance to this extraordinary event.

The building’s history is long-standing. It was constructed back in 1849 and has housed various establishments over the years, including a police station, firehouse, and even a jail. In 1968, after over a century of service as a fire station and the Virginia Fire and Police Museum, the building was left vacant and faced the threat of demolition.

However, thanks to an extensive fundraising campaign, Gallery 5 was able to fully restore the building. Since 2005, it has become a city institution where Gallery 5 provides a platform for showcasing contemporary art. It regularly hosts dance performances, concerts, comedy shows, art exhibitions, and, of course, weddings.

As stated on the official Gallery 5 website, their mission is to make art accessible to the community. Each month, a new exhibition takes place at Gallery 5, featuring local and regional talents.

The historic walls of the building added a special charm to Katie Condon and Darrin Higgins‘ wedding, and the vintage photo booth seamlessly fit into the antique interior.

The Vintage Photo Booth: Enchantment and Fun with Guaranteed Admiration

The Vintage Photo Booth Model 14 is not just a stylish accessory but also a source of entertainment and unforgettable moments at any event. Its uniqueness and charm lie in several features that make the vintage photo booth particularly popular at weddings and other occasions.

Firstly, its appearance. Model 14 showcases a classic vintage design that brings a touch of retro charm to modern events. Its elegant lines, wooden finishes, and decorative elements create an image that captures guests’ attention and adds a special flair to any atmosphere.

Secondly, it offers a unique experience. The classic photo booth Model 14 allows guests to immerse themselves in the ambiance of bygone eras and experience incredible sensations.

It is not merely a photo session but a celebration within a small space. Guests can step inside the photo booth, close the curtains, and confidently express their individuality by posing in front of the camera, creating amusing and original photographs.

Thirdly, instant printing. One of the reasons why the vintage photo booth Model 14 is beloved for weddings and other events is the ability to obtain printed photos on the spot. Guests can immediately receive black-and-white or color photo strips that serve as memorable souvenirs. This adds interactivity and engagement to the process while preserving the cherished moments of the celebration forever.

And finally, emotions and enjoyment. The vintage photo booth Model 14 creates an atmosphere of joy, laughter, and entertainment at any event. Guests can gather, strike poses, experiment with various props, and create amusing snapshots.

So, if you want to book a classic photo booth, give us a call! We will provide consultations on all your inquiries and assist you in choosing the perfect model of a vintage photo booth that suits your needs.