Vintage photo booth at Liz and Tim's wedding.

Photobooth at Liz and Tim’s wedding

The vintage photo booth adorned Liz and Tim’s floral wedding

Photo booth at Full Moon ResortClassic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage Model 14 photo booth for Liz and Tim’s unique wedding. The celebration took place at Full Moon Resort, the most enchanting location in the northern part of New York State.

This special place, nestled in breathtaking natural surroundings, became the perfect backdrop for a romantic and magical ceremony.

Among all the rituals that exist today, a wedding is the richest and most saturated with symbolic actions. Wedding rituals embody the traditions and customs of people. It’s not surprising that the ceremony speaks the language of symbols. That is why the tradition of using flowers in the wedding ceremony is still alive.



Wedding photo sessionBy the way, Liz and Tim decorated their wedding in floral style. No doubt it has become the most touching and romantic event in the life of a couple. 

Of course, the bride looked charming in her floral dress and wreath. She caught the adoring gaze of her groom throughout the evening. The ladies also wore floral wreaths, captivating their partners. The floral idyll was captured in the vintage Model 14 photo booth.

The photo strips will forever preserve the memories of Liz and Tim’s magical day at Full Moon Resort for everyone who attended the wedding.

The photo booth at the Full Moon Resort

Full Moon Resort, NYUndeniably, Liz and Tim’s wedding perfectly suited the floral theme at the Full Moon Resort.  The guests enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, dense forests, and picturesque reservoirs, enjoying the serene atmosphere of nature.

Full Moon Resort is a year-round resort located in the heart of the Catskill “Forever Wild” forest preserve. Those who have visited describe it as a wonderland, and it certainly lives up to that reputation. Picture a 100-acre expanse of meadows, forests, and streams, providing an unparalleled backdrop for magical weddings in the Catskills.


Guests choose a photo stripIt is worth noting that the guests paid special attention to the vintage photo booth Model 14. Definitely, all the guests wanted to take home a photo tape with beautiful moments captured on it.

The photo booth was set up for guests in a spacious wedding pavilion – Moondance Pavilion. The newlyweds and the celebratory guests had a great time, taking pictures in the vintage photo booth.

Each photo produced by the vintage Model 14 photo booth became a true work of art. Thanks to its technical features, guests could instantly print their photos, preserving them as beautiful memories of a special moment.

Vintage photo booth Model 14 is designed so that there is almost no queue. It has two entrances. In addition, photo printing is the fastest – only 25 seconds.

Lifelong Memories with Classic Photo Booth

Fun wedding photo session.Classic Photo Booth LLC ensured the seamless operation of the Model 14 photo booth at Liz and Tim’s wedding. Despite the large number of guests, each one was able to capture their joyful moments on this special day. The black and white photos produced by the photo booth added a touch of elegance and romance to the celebration. They have become precious memories that not only Liz and Tim but also their guests can cherish forever.

And this is not just a figure of speech. Because a chemical process is used in the vintage photo booth, photographs are kept for at least a hundred years. To print photo stripes, matte photo paper is used. Photos on matte paper are more attractive and easier to use.

Furthermore, the photo strips have a stylish appearance due to their size. Compact photo strips with four unique frames measuring 1.5 x 8 inches are a wonderful keepsake that will bring joy throughout life.

So, if you are ready for an important day in your life, by all means, you need to include the rental of a vintage photo booth in your organizational arrangements.

It will provide unforgettable impressions of your occasion. Give us a call! And we will assist you in choosing the perfect vintage photo booth model from a variety of options for your celebration.





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Kiss in the photo booth.   Liz and Tim's wedding   Newlyweds in the photo booth