Vintage photo booth at Morgantown

The vintage photo booth at Morgantown, WV became the main attraction at the wedding

The bride is photographed in the classic photo booth Model-14.The vintage photo booth at Morgantown, WV became the main attraction at the wedding of Kristin Messenger and Emmanuel Fonseca. The celebration took place at the West Virginia Botanic Garden.

Guests enjoyed the unique atmosphere of the event, taking funny retro-style photos. Both children and adults, friends and family, posed eagerly in front of the camera. Guests especially loved taking pictures in colorful glasses. The black-and-white photo strips added a special charm to each shot, making them truly unique.

The celebration unfolded against the backdrop of the garden’s picturesque landscapes. Moreover, luxurious floral arrangements and well-maintained paths created a romantic atmosphere. The gentle fragrance of flowers filled the air, furthermore adding to the sense of enchantment. As guests strolled through the garden, they enjoyed the beauty of nature and each other’s company. Additionally, glowing garlands and lanterns added a magical sparkle to the evening, turning it into an unforgettable event.

Meanwhile, guests were offered a variety of snacks, drinks, and sweets. Bartenders mixed refreshing cocktails and provided a selection of the finest wines. In particular, the dessert tables, featuring exquisite pastries and cakes, drew particular attention. Each dish was presented with great care, thus highlighting the elegance and style of the event.

Kristin and Emmanuel’s wedding was not only a significant event in their lives but also a memorable celebration for all the attendees. The vintage photo booth at Morgantown, WV helped preserve these unforgettable moments, leaving guests with bright and happy memories.

Memories in Frame: Love in Retro Style

Sweet kiss of newlyweds in the classic photo booth.The photo shoot in the vintage photo booth at Morgantown, WV brought immense joy to the young couple. With great enthusiasm, this loving pair immersed themselves in photography. The retro snapshots immortalized the important moments of their early life together.

It is important to note that Kristin and Emmanuel are perfectly matched. They shared that from the very beginning of their acquaintance, they found common interests. Their first date lasted a whole six hours! They discussed various topics: travel, art, career, life goals, musical preferences, and even coffee preferences. It turned out they had a lot in common. They both love discovering new things and always support each other’s interests. They share a mutual passion for vinyl records and have a large collection in their home. And, of course, they both share a deep love for vintage photo booths.

On the tables with props, next to the vintage photo booth, there stood even a real rotary phone! The vintage photo booth at Morgantown, vinyl records, rotary phone, and framed photographs — all testify to their respect and love for vintage items. After all, they symbolize high quality and reliability. Indeed, in today’s modern world, these things are often lacking.

Unforgettable Moments: a Gift from Classic Photo Booth LLC

Wedding photo album for photo stripes and congratulations.Photo stripes in the wedding photo album.Traditionally, Classic Photo Booth LLC presented the newlyweds with a wedding album. Guests pasted in a photo strip from a vintage photo booth at Morgantown and wrote down their congratulations. It conveyed the warmth that the newlyweds felt from their loved ones. With each inserted photo and written wish, the album was filled with pictures and the emotions of those who participated in this important event. When the newlyweds flip through the pages of this album in the future, they will remember not only the bright moments of their wedding but also the warm words and wishes written by their friends and loved ones. This wedding album will become a cherished treasure for them, reminding them of their special day and the love surrounding them.

The gift from Classic Photo Booth LLC became another sign of attention and care for the newlyweds on this special day. In each photo, wish, and entry in the album, one could trace not only the joy of the celebration but also the warmth of the relationships between the newlyweds and their guests. These moments will leave their mark in their hearts for a lifetime.

So, if you are on the threshold of an important event in your life, Classic Photo Booth LLC is your perfect choice for creating unforgettable memories. Their attention to detail and concern for your enjoyment will turn your event into a unique celebration filled with joy and warmth. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your day even more special with the help of Classic Photo Booth LLC!


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Fun photo shoot in the vintage photo booth. Photo booth Model-14 at Morgantown, WV. Bride and groom in an analog photo booth. Guests write congratulations in the wedding photo album. Analog photo booth at West Virginia Botanic Garden.

Photos of the newlyweds as children and a retro telephone. Wedding Hall at West Virginia Botanic Garden, Morgantown, WV. Bride and groom Christine and Emmanuel. Black and white photo stripes in the wedding photo album. West Virginia Botanical Garden Index.

Wedding photo stripe of the newlyweds.  Black and white pictures. Vintage photo stripe from the wedding.