Classic photobooth Model-11 at wedding in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Vintage photobooth at Glen Foerd

Vintage Photobooth at the Wedding of Catherine Park and Anthony Perillo at Glen Foerd

Vintage photobooth at the wedding of Catherine Park and Anthony Perillo in the Glen Foerd


Classic Photo Booth LLC provided a vintage photobooth Model 11 for the wedding of Catherine Park and Anthony Perillo at Glen Foerd. The solemn ceremony took place on August 5th.

The newlyweds and the guests who came to congratulate them were delighted by the historical mansion in the Torresdale area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Nestled on the banks of the Delaware River, this estate exudes an indescribable atmosphere of antique grandeur. The meticulous attention to detail and the unique character of the estate underscore its historical significance and add charm to the occasion.

On this beautiful day, the Model 11 photo booth became the highlight of the wedding evening. Thanks to its vintage look, it allows you to feel part of the rich history of this unique place. Event guests thoroughly enjoyed taking photos in the vintage photo booth, creating vibrant and colorful photo strips. Laughter, joy, and excitement merged into one, leaving in memory pleasant emotions from a joyful pastime.

Unforgettable Moments of Fun: The Special Atmosphere of the Wedding Day

Photography in the wedding photo booth in Glen FoerdIn the vintage photobooth at Glen Foerd, which became a true center of enjoyment for both children and adults, everyone found a reason to have fun. Newlyweds and their guests, friends, and relatives, all aimed to capture themselves in the unique atmosphere of celebration.

Here, in the vintage setting, adults completely let loose. Laughing, they made funny faces and struck amusing poses. Children, in turn, didn’t miss the chance to play models and shine in front of the camera. With enthusiasm, they posed for photos, creating an unparalleled energy that brought life to each shot.

And, of course, the newlyweds were at the peak of their happiness, posing together in an embrace or playfully having fun with friends. These moments in a vintage photo booth will become not only memories of the wedding day, but also symbols of their mutual love and joyful mood. This will accompany them throughout their life together.

In addition, colorful photo strips emerging from the photo booth became a kind of souvenir. They will be a reminder of this holiday, where people created unforgettable moments that will forever remain in their hearts and in their photographs.

Wedding Photo Album: Vivid Memories of a Special Day

Bride Catherine and groom Anthony vintage photo strip.

color-vintage-photo-stripe, wedding in Glen Foerd

Classic photo booth Model 11 at wedding in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaBy the way, Classic Photo Booth LLC presented a special gift to the newlyweds, which became an addition to their wedding day – a wedding photo album. This traditional gift will keep all the fun and joy associated with a vintage photo booth for years to come.

Each color photo strip created in the Model 11 photo booth became a unique part of this album. Guests eagerly placed their photo strips in the album, creating a vivid and diverse chronological sequence of joyful moments. The photographs captured the festive atmosphere that everyone present contributed to.

Furthermore, guests left their kind wishes and congratulations, making the pages of the album even more special. Sweet words and heartfelt wishes transformed this photo album into a living diary of the celebratory event.

Of course, the newlyweds will flip through it with smiles, reminiscing about their magical day. Thus, the album became not only a visual reflection of happy moments. It became a testament to how much joy and positive emotions the vintage photo booth brought to all those present at the wedding.  


Classic Photo Booth LLC: The Benchmark of Quality in the World of Photo Booths

vintage color photo strips

Classic Photo Booth LLC is the most competent company on the market for the provision of services. For almost 30 years, it has been offering rental service of vintage photo booths for weddings and other special occasions. There is not a single wish from the organizers of the wedding celebration that the employees of Classic Photo Booth LLC could not fulfill. It is safe to say that Classic Photo Booth LLC is a quality standard.

The quality of photo strips printed by each model of vintage photo booths is undeniably impressive. Each photo strip serves as a living testament to the company’s excellence. Attention to detail, color accuracy, and clarity in every print indicate our commitment to providing the highest level of memory quality for every occasion.

For almost three decades, Classic Photo Booth LLC has maintained its reputation through consistent surpassing of customer expectations. Our vintage photo booths and experienced team are a testament to  unwavering commitment to offering the best service.

With extensive experience and impeccable service, Classic Photo Booth LLC has become a reliable partner for countless weddings and events. On the one hand, the vintage photo booths add a touch of nostalgia. On the other hand, they serve as a source of entertainment and unforgettable memories for all guests.

If you are planning a wedding or another special event, contact Classic Photo Booth LLC! And your celebration will surely become the best memory of your life.


Mansion in Glen Ford. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wedding Party at Glen Foerd Philadelphia, Pennsylvania The bride and photographer lead the photo session, in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Photo Catherine Park and Anthony Perillo in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania View of the Delaware River in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Photoshoot on the bank of the Delaware River in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Sculpture of a dog on the banks of the Delaware River in Glen Foerd, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania