Vintage photo booth Model 25, Concord Theatricals New York

Vintage photobooth for Concord Theatricals

Enchanting Evening with Vintage Photobooth by Concord Theatricals

First visitor to the vintage photo booth at Concord Theatricals NYConcord Theatricals organized a joyful New Year corporate party featuring a vintage photobooth, which became integral to the festive celebration. Employees set aside their work responsibilities to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of holiday cheer for a few hours. Undoubtedly, the vintage photobooth Model 25, provided by Classic Photo Booth LLC, played a significant role.

The vintage photobooth became a bright highlight of the evening, capturing the attention of everyone present. Employees patiently stood in line to create unique memories. Vintage black-and-white photo strips with the hashtag @concordshows not only became beautiful souvenirs but also adorned the social media pages of Concord Theatricals’ staff. The festive atmosphere was filled with laughter, smiles, and embraces. Thanks to the vintage photo booth, these moments will be cherished in memory for a long time.

This joyful evening with the vintage photobooth not only strengthened bonds among colleagues but also set a unique tone for the upcoming holidays. Concord Theatricals welcomed Christmas and New Year with unforgettable memories. This again emphasizes that magical holidays in the company of friends and colleagues wonderfully impact relationships.


Promising collaboration of two global brands

Holiday Event Concord Theatrical New YorkThe holiday event became a pivotal moment in the formation of the partnership between Classic Photo Booth LLC and Concord Theatricals. This creative collaboration between two global brands has just begun its journey but promises numerous amazing and captivating moments in the future.

Introducing the enchantment of their vintage photobooth Model 25 at such a significant event, Classic Photo Booth LLC set a standard for outstanding visual art, harmoniously blending style and traditions.

Thanks to the successful interaction between Classic Photo Booth LLC and Concord Theatricals, we can anticipate even more captivating and creative ideas in the realm of entertainment and event organization. This partnership pledges to deliver new visual and emotional impressions, leaving its mark in the world of celebrations and amusements.

In the realm of entertainment, both Classic Photo Booth LLC and Concord Theatricals play their distinctive roles. Classic Photo Booth LLC stands as a leader in providing photo services, including vintage photobooths.

Concord Theatricals, on the other hand, is a leading global theatrical company offering comprehensive services for playwrights and musical producers. It is part of the Concord creative rights company, engaged in acquiring recordings and publishing music, theatrical rights, and narrative content. The company’s catalog boasts over a million songs, compositions, plays, and musicals licensed in nearly every country and territory worldwide. Concord’s headquarters are in Nashville, with additional offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Berlin, Melbourne, and Miami. Additionally, it has representatives in Oakland, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto.

Concord takes pride in its employees, rightfully considering them the most experienced professionals in the industry. It takes all necessary steps to ensure that work and leisure bring joy to these talented individuals.

Event Personalization with Vintage Photo Strips

Black-and-white-photo-strip at corporate party, NYVintage black and white pictures. Black-and-white-stripe New Year's corporate party As mentioned earlier, at the Concord Theatricals New Year’s corporate party, stylish black and white photo strips from the vintage Model 25 photo booth were adorned with the @concordshows logo. This significantly contributed to the personalization of the event.

It is important to note that a person’s memory can sometimes fail. Decades later, the owner of a photo strip without a logo may forget exactly where it was made. In such cases, part of the life history may be lost. Therefore, the specialists of Classic Photobooth LLC recommend applying the logo to photo strips. Moreover, this service is included in the cost of renting a photo booth.

How can you personalize a photo strip? Options include adding a logo, text, or images. It is important to ensure that the length of the text does not exceed 30 characters. In some cases, images are used.

What visual ideas exist for logos? Customers use initials, names, or dates as logos. 

For corporate events, the logo may feature a photograph of the product. In any case, a creative approach and imagination are welcome when creating a logo. However, it is crucial to discuss all the details of the desired vintage photo design with the specialists from Classic Photo Booth LLC before the event.

If you want to see more videos from Classic Photo Booth LLC, follow the link Vintage Photobooth


Cheerful atmosphere at the New Year's corporate party, Classic photo booth Model 25 in NY, Photo session in the photo booth Models 25 NY photobooth-at-Holiday-Event NY Holiday-Event--Concord-NY photo-shoot-in-a-vintage-photo-booth-Models-25 NY Concord Theatricals welcomes guests NY Daniele photo strip