Wedding photo booth Model-11 in Clifton, New Jersey

Vintage photobooth wedding in NJ

Vintage Photobooth Wedding in NJ: Silent Witness of Happiness

Vintage Photo Booth Model-11, NJThe vintage photobooth Model 11 became a highlight of Mahmoud Zayed and Angie Shehata‘s wedding in NJ. The solemn event took place on November 22 at the upscale Valley Regency in Clifton, NJ. It became an unforgettable moment in the lives of the newlyweds.

The fairytale decor of this perfect wedding venue, exquisite cuisine, and magnificent music captivated everyone present at the celebration. However, the vintage photo booth Model 11 caused a real sensation! Guests lined up to capture their moments of happiness in the unique atmosphere of this wedding. The photo booth became an integral part of the festive fun, creating unforgettable memories.

The wedding of Mahmoud Zayed and Angie Shehata not only left warm memories but also captured stylish vintage moments. These moments will warm the hearts of the newlyweds for many years. Interestingly, all vintage photo strips with wishes from guests are now carefully placed in special photo albums, which were gifted to the bride and groom by Classic Photo Booth LLC. These albums make a wonderful keepsake and a testament to how amazing this wedding was.

Model 11: Vintage Moment Keeper

Queue at the wedding vintage photobooth, Valley Regency, Clifton, NJ.A vintage photobooth at modern weddings in NJ is not just a place for fun photo sessions but also a silent keeper of unique moments from an important event. It becomes a temporary capsule where contemporary trends meet the elegance of the past, creating a unique atmosphere for the celebration.

Wedding festivities become even more vibrant and distinctive with the infusion of retro style. The vintage photo booth, as a decorative element, adds a special charm and individuality to the wedding. It becomes an integral part of the event’s aesthetics, complementing the overall picture with stylish and unique snapshots of the guests.

This unconventional accessory also opens the door to creativity and self-expression. Guests can create instant masterpieces and share their unique perspectives on the celebration. As a result, each frame from the vintage photo booth becomes a separate work of art, representing a blend of antiquity and modernity.

Furthermore, these vintage photo booths at weddings create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing guests to unwind and enjoy the moment. The vintage photo booth becomes a tool for creating precious memories that will be cherished within the family and passed down from generation to generation.

Photo Albums, Photo Strip Frames, Scrapbooks, and Much More to Preserve the Unique Moments of Life

The birth of a vintage wedding photo album.Photo Albums:

Those who order a vintage photo booth for their unique event should also consider how the photo strips will be stored. Classic Photo Booth LLC offers several options for photo albums. The albums are sized at 12×12 inches and come in both white and black covers. Furthermore, the color of the pages – whether black or white – can also be chosen. For example, Mahmoud and Angie, who booked a vintage photo booth Model 11 for their wedding in NJ, chose an album with white pages.

Interestingly, the assembly of the photo album occurs simultaneously with the printing of the photo strips. Guests must take two sets of photos: one to affix to the album with their wishes, and the other to keep for themselves. Typically, guests enthusiastically engage in creative activities, affixing photo strips to the pages, decorating them, and coming up with amusing congratulations. The newlyweds will undoubtedly enjoy perusing the messages from their friends and relatives. By the way, the photo album will be ready by the end of the festive evening, if not sooner. And the cherry on top: the photo album from Classic Photo Booth LLC is a gift for the newlyweds!

Vintage Photo Booth Scrapbook.


If you think that creating a scrapbook, especially at a wedding, is only for children, you are mistaken. The creative process of decorating a scrapbook captivates guests to the extent that they sometimes forget about everything else.

Classic Photo Booth LLC offers a wide range of stationery items: from glue to pens and pencils. Guests, inspired by a grand idea, create a unique gift for the newlyweds, consisting of shared memories.

Like a photo album, a scrapbook can be black or white, depending on the client’s preferences.

Stylish frames for photo strips to preserve history and decorate the interior

Classic Photo Booth Frames color, L-style.Vintage photo Booth Frames, black and white, L-style.


When a person receives their photo strip, their concern is only one: how not to damage or lose it.  This is understandable: a photo strip is a fragile thing that can get dirty or wrinkled. To prevent this from happening, it is entirely justified to pre-order acrylic frames. They are available in L-shaped and T-shaped styles. A photo strip in such a frame looks luxurious wherever it is: on the work or dining table, on the bedside table, on a shelf, or hung on the wall.

Acrylic frames elegantly emphasize the sophistication and originality of each photograph, preventing accidental damage.

Mahmoud and Angie enjoyed taking photos in the vintage photo booth at their wedding in NJ. They delighted in the stylish black and white photo strips, as well as the magnificent photo album.


So, if you are preparing for the most important day of your life, consider every detail. When the festive fanfare subsides, and life returns to its peaceful rhythm, you will be able to appreciate the story preserved in the photo strips. Give us a call today!  We will be happy to help you choose what suits your preferences.


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