Albina George Wedding Photo Booth

Trump National Golf Course

Wedding Photo Booth at Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, NJ

At this gorgeous wedding, Albina & George had a custom wrapped digital photo booth (Wedding Photo Booth). The setting was a theme of elegance and the photo booth emphasized that with a white background and a Albina & George script emblem.

Guests absolutely loved the booth and the scrapbook was filled with photos of the Bride and Groom’s friends and family. The children of the wedding party took a lot of pictures from the photo booth! Many of the guests came back multiple times and could not get enough of the digital booth.

Digital Photo Booth

“Can I use these photos for my passport?” one of the guests joked!

Many guests even used the actual booth for some backgrounds in their photos. A perfect photo opt for guests as well as the bride and groom with beautiful logo .

Adding a #weddingphotobooth to your event can really add to your special day. It gives the guests an extra fun activity to do at your wedding and allows the bride and groom a very special gift to take home.

Classic photo booth provides a scrapbook with the photo booth, which allows the guests to personalize their own page and add their photo strip. You can choose the color of the scrapbook along with the color of the pages. This is sometimes the host’s favorite part of even having a photo booth. Instead of providing the guests with a sign in log for the wedding this is an even better option. It really allows each guest to get creative and leave a special note along with his or her photo.

Classic Photo booth prides on making your special day perfect. Customization and personalization is key to making your day one of a kind. First step to start with your wedding plans today by reaching out to Classic Photo Booth!